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  • why does the start-up current of the motor when it is started larger? why does the current turn small after start up? here we need to understand from the point of view of the motor starting principle and the motor rotation principle: when the inducti...

  • with increasing demands on people's quality of life, china's small home appliance industry is becoming increasingly competitive. on the one hand, homogenization of low-end and middle-end products continues to create price wars. on the other hand, som...

  • how does the noise generated by the reducer operate? certainly there will be some noise when the machine is running. if the noise is too loud, it will make people uncomfortable. the speed reducer is the same, so how do we use the geared motor? adjust...

  • the original juice machine motor has been developed in china for nearly 40 years, and it is widely used in various fields of china's industry and agriculture. the product has been developed from the beginning of the cycloid reducer to the current gea...


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